• The craftsmanship is the secret of the high quality Monini shoes.

    Materials and workmanship, 100% made in Italy, like this one constructs a successful product.

    Ricochet combines an elegant and corporate design with rich content visuals to professionally present masses of data.

  • Comfort and elegance, distinctive elements of footwear of excellence.

    The experience and expertise of Monini create fine works. Knowledge of their craft is important.

    RokSprocket benefits from a wide range of different layout modes, several themes, and many configuration options.

  • The Monini quality recognizes you, appreciates you, loves you.

    "I am proud that my craft work contributes to raising awareness of the Made in Italy in the world." Silvano Monini.

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The value of craftsmanship.

  • Quality
  • Experience

Craft enterprises constitute a network upon which the success of an economy focused on insight, commitment, experimentation and tradition.


Made in Italy 100%.

  • Working
  • Materials

The Made in Italy distinguishes us in the world. Creativity, quality, Italian life style -these are the characteristics of the Italian product.


Unique creations.

  • Unqueness
  • Competence

With passion and effort we build the most interesting projects. It is not a simple thing, it takes dedication, creativity and knowledge of the trade.


The right ingredients

  • Comfort
    Pleasant sensations, extraordinary comfort

    We all know that wearing soft comfortable shoes is the first step in taking care of ourselves in the right way.
  • Wellbeing Feeling good also means choosing the right shoes

    Feeling good also means choosing the right shoes

    Correct posture and the correct way of walking can influence our health. For this reason the shoes we wear are important.
  • style
    Elegant and timeless models for all needs

    An extraordinary variety of models to suit all tastes and needs. Customising on request.
  • AccuracyMachining experts,  gestures careful   and experts

    Machining experts, gestures careful and experts

    Thus was born a shoe of high quality. The ability in this craft cannot be improvised, only acquired by a long experience of 40 years.
  • ResearchDesign and   studies to  achieve exceptional shoes

    Design and studies to achieve exceptional shoes

    Extensive research and meticulous for guaranteed footwear, certified for our welfare and our health
  • Quality
    The quality of materials and the skill of the artisans

    High-quality materials in the hands of expert craftsmen become unparalleled achievements.
  • StrictnessDiscipline, precision and diligence: a perfect match for extraordinary results.

    Discipline, precision and diligence: a perfect match for extraordinary results.

    Creations worthy of note are the result of diligens and method
  • Intelligence
    The intelligence of the trade: tradition and innovation

    Knowing how to work well is critical, as well as knowing how to combine knowledge handed down over time with technological innovations.
  • Professionalism
  • Passion
  • Skills

The shoe that is comfortable to one person is not comfortable to another.


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in evidence

Our shoes are designed and manufactured with extreme accuracy. Ours is a craft, made by expert and competent hands. We combine a passion linked to tradition with advanced technology, so that each shoe has a comfortable fit and is also healthy. Men's and women's footwear of excellent workmanship and high quality. We walk well together.

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